About the BodhiTree

The BodhiTrees are places where you come to connect, grow, heal, rest, share and enjoy life. 


It is a place of celebration that honour the close connection with the Kaula Heart of All. 
Also Osho is a master very close to our hearts.

This solid ground of the trunk of the tree and all activities proposed, invite you to grow joyfully in love and awareness.


A bodhi tree is a very special kind of tree. It is a fig tree that expands. Little seeds nest among the branches and give birth to aerial roots which reach for the ground and grow into a new tree. So from one tree grow many more, which are all connected! This is the spirit we want to share with you through the BodhiTrees that have sprouted in different places.

If you feel some curiousness or a little tickle inside upon reading this webpage, don’t hesitate:
We are looking forward to meet you in Soest and Ghent!