WildTantra Meetings (G/S)


These meetings are beautiful moments of celebration with friends who share the same tantric path as you. They flow from a cup of tea to meditation, laughter, dinner, dance, and singing… to support the expansion of your tantric heart in a playful and loving surrounding. These days are for those who participated in WildTantra trainings and workshops.




WildTantra Evenings (G/S)


Practicing meditation regularly is essential to the Path of Tantra as it deepens your capacity of awareness, of love and of bliss. But it is not always easy to set up the discipline for it, this is why we offer you the opportunity to join on a regular basis tantric meditations event from the WildTantra methods.


Meditations that are developed vary from one event to another, but they all come back regularly which offer you the possibility to practice often the same meditation. In this way you can experience quickly the benefit of it.



- Sarpa-Vid

- Circle of Light

- Lotus Meditation (5 senses)

  and more...




Meditation evenings (G/S)


Meditation evenings allow you to dive into one of OSHO’s many meditations. Experience the Kundalini, Chakra, Chakra-Sound or Heart meditation together with other OSHO lovers. After the meditation there is time to meet with a cup of tea.



Mada: Song - Dance - Mantra (S)


‘Mada’ in Sanskrit means intoxicating. There is also the word ‘Mad’ and ‘Ma’ (Mother).
An oportunity to intoxicate yourself, to be drunk through devotional songs and dances.

You empty yourself by singing, so space is created for: silence, joy, love, or something you can not mention in words. Mantras create a dynamic that can be more inwards or more outgoing. Whatever is waking up in you, you can expresse it in movement or dance.

The instrumental accompaniment is simple – guitar and various percussion – so the focus will be on your own instrument: your voice.



Ito-thermie one-day refresher (G/S)


The Ito-thermie one-day refreshers are meant for those who completed the basic Ito-thermie course and want to exchange with other students under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. These are good occasions to refresh your technique, get feedback and learn a bit more about this beautiful healing practice.




Breath, a bridge to the Universe (S)


Breathing sessions help you to get in contact with your life force, joy and creativity. It helps to experience and heal areas that we normally don’t access so easily. A deep breath can lead to deep cleaning. A breathing session helps in shedding light on your inner obstacles. It might also guide you into the silent depth of existence to ‘that what always is’. (Live) music guides you into the breathing. A group breathing session starts with dance and exercises to make more space for deeper breathing.




Darkness meditation (G)


A meditation in utter darkness is a beautiful opportunity to look into yourself and the opposites in existence. In the dark your usual framework falls away. You can sense differently and you will see that light cannot exist without dark; life does not exist without death… A darkness meditation can lead to a darkness retreat, which will provide you with a much deeper sensation of existence.