Fasting meditation retreat


Start: Monday March 23 at 15.00 hours

End: Friday March 27 at 14.00 hours

Costs: From € 350

Location: Erve Veldink, Haarlo

Booking and info: Anand



Four days we are together in a light, heartfull and intimitate atmosphere.
We fast together, a cleaning for body, mind and spirit.
The meditative meetings open up for truth, bliss, love, silence, beauty….
A possibility to relaxe deeper and (re)connect with your inspiration.


A fasting period is an ideal opportunity to breakthrough some habits in the way you eat, think and behave and of course to lose some weight also. It is a cleansing of body, mind and spirit. And it is far more easy and fun to do it with others then alone at home. You will start at home with your preparation.


You can move in this retreat by just drinking tea or juice or eat very light food.
In this retreat we will offer you a liver/gall cleansing, ginger packing, breath-session, mantra singing, dance, (Osho) meditations, family constellation, chi qong & film. There will be time to wander around the beautiful farm, to be just silent with yourself and to meet each other. 

There is also the possibility to book a privat session: massage, cranio sacral, soundhealing, spiritual astrology.
Every day we are in silence until dinner.

The monumental farm 'Erve Veldink' in the Achterhoekse landscape with its private character and stunning vistas. Around the farm you find cats, chickens, ducks, peacocks, dogs, pigeons and more...
A place that invites you to enjoy nature in- and outside.
Erve Veldink, Eibergseweg 42, 7273 SR Haarlo.


For your accomodation you pay € 255. This includes stay in a small room or in the gosy dormitory and includes also ‘the food’.  For more luxuary and privacy you can book a privat appartment or tree house.
You pay about € 100 extra.
Additional, depending your budget the price of the program is € 100 - € 150.
The private sessions are paid seperatly and can be (partly) reimbursed by your insurance company.


Eef van Leeuwen (massage/cranio sacral/family constallation/spiritual astrology/sound healing)
Anand van Schalkwijk (fastingprogram/meditation/dance/body- and breathwork/massage)

             Pictures of Erve Veldink