Free Flow Massage by Geho

Cost: € 140,- for a session (about 2 hours)

Location: BodhiTree Soest

Booking: Geho,


You have again this very special and unique opportunity to experience the Free Flow massage from our beloved Geho.
Those who experienced his unique massage style give reviews of sheer delight. Geho found the techniques that brings deep relaxation in the body and mind, giving a feeling you are whole again and Welcome.

What is massage?
What is massage in its essence?
Touch… A meditation that guides you deeper into yourself while you let go into relaxation. Something so simple that often turns out to be so hard in our busy daily lives…

Geho found the techniques that will help you to relax and let go into deep relaxation. While he can base his massages in Kashmiri and Tao massage techniques, surprising free-style moves will help you to let go of expectations and enjoy the free flow.
His free-flow massage is always an energy play between two persons, based on that what is present in the meeting. Through Geho’s touch you might return to child-like joy while flowing into sensuality is also totally possible. Emotions might surface and can be dealt with in the movement. This free flow in a space of loving care can lead you to unexpected healing in places you might not even have been so aware of. In any case, a surprise is sure to await you!

Being a frequent traveller, Geho’s massages are available in Lithuania, Russia, France, Belgium and the Netherlands according to his travel schedules.