Ito Thermie advanced workshop
with Champaka Yoshie


Date: 28 till 31 May 2015, every day from 10.00 - 19.30

Price:  € 470 incl. tea, lunch and dinner

Location: BodhiTree Soest
Booking and info: Anand




The Art of giving a deeply relaxing Ito Thermie Treatment


This workshop is meant for all those who want to enhance their practice on a technical level, on more subtle levels and who would like to focus on their own healing too.


Many people are nowadays looking for deep relaxation and a silent space within.
In these 4 days you will learn to give a deeply relaxing Ito Thermie treatment.
This is an important gateway for any healing to happen. 

We will focus on the following topics, that are stepping-stones to give a transformative Ito Thermie treatment:

- Deepening and refining your Ito Thermie technique.

- Strengthening your presence 

- Rooted in your Hara

- Loving touch

- Understanding the Power of Ito Thermie


It is requiered that you have followed the basic group.


Sleeping is not included. There are different possibilities in the neighborhood.


Some pictures from last year.