Kaula Heart of All


Kaula is a very old system in which masters and disciples come together as one family. The Kaula Heart of All is a gathering of over sixty tantricas, many of us disciples of Osho, under the loving guidance of the latest Tantric Master of our Kaula: Leela.


We have different activities which support our family. There is WildTantra, where we share the wisdom of Tantra through trainings and retreats in Europe and Russia. Arya WellBeing is a training in healing, tantric massage and healthcare based on the wisdom of the Indian Tantric Master Arya. Also, there is the Kaula Summer Retreat in which the whole family comes together in the French Pyrenees Mountains to live according to the Kaula principles of the Tantra Lineage of the Heart of All. These activities are the basis in building solid ground for a project close to our hearts: A place (in the south of France preferably!), where the whole family can come together for specific retreats, events, holidays, and where we can invite more people to join! For the time being, the BodhiTrees are the way in which we share this longing with the world in yet two more countries and where we invite you to join in our expansion of love and awareness.