Leela is our Tantric Master from whom we receive precious wisdom, secret teachings, challenging guidance and, most of all, overwhelming love. 


Leela’s whisper about the Kaula: “…Kaula is a spiritual family where the Master is the spiritual father or mother for the disciples. Kaula is also a great energetic force that binds all the Tantricas of the same lineage to one Master. Some chosen Tantricas from the same Kaula are initiated to be the ones who are going to transmit the whole wisdom of the lineage of Tantric Masters. This is my case… My Master has not left any scriptures, but he has left a “print” of his wisdom inside of me, in my “light body”. I can transfer this Wisdom to anyone who wishes to receive it… but first he or she has to pass some tests… The tantric wisdom is not cheap! One needs to pay a certain price for it! And the price is to show your readiness to love, to surrender because without this, nothing can be imparted to you. Without this you will misuse the wisdom. It will become knowledge. And knowledge is very dangerous thing, because it is dead. Tantric Wisdom, to stay alive, to not become dead knowledge, needs to fall in the heart, not in the head. Tantric knowledge falls in the head. Tantric wisdom falls in the heart. This is the right soil from where it can grow, from where it can expand. In the head, it dies…” Leela, July 2010.


You can find more in Gitama’s book: Tantra, The Whispering Transmission