Never born, never died

Only visited planet Earth between December 11, 1931 and January 19, 1990



                                                       The meeting of two consciousness's is love…


“…The meeting of two consciousness's is love. Discover your consciousness and you will find what love is. It is an experience, and there is no way to say anything about it, more than that which I have said. The meeting of two consciousness's merging into each other brings the greatest orgasm the universe allows… But before that, you have to move away from the body and the mind and the heart, and reach to the very centre of your being. Once you have reached to the centre of your being, you will find love radiating from you. It is not something to be done by you. It will be just as if the sun has risen and the flowers have opened and the air has become filled with their fragrance. Love is a by-product of meditation. Only meditators know what love is…”