WildTantra Meeting, Soest


Start: tea is ready from 13.00, we start at 13.30

End: around 21.00

Costs: € 60,- incl. diner

Location: BodhiTree Soest

Booking: Anand





This event supports the tantric flame of tantricas who have been following retreats from WildTantra.
It builds on meditations that are taught in the WildTantra retreats and gives you the opportunity to practice them again. This day is a beautiful moment of celebration with friends who share the same path as you. It flows from a cup of tea to meditations, diner, celebration… to support the expansion of your consciousness and your heart in a playful and loving surrounding.

Here are some topics we explore:

- Practice of meditations
- Sharing your experiences
- Meeting other tantricas
- Celebration with Mantra singing

This one day event is facilitated by Anand.
The mantra singing by Kabir and Safi.

If you cancel within 24 hours before the event, you will be required to pay the full fee.