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About Us

The BodhiTree represents a way of living, loving, being….

We are part of the Kaula Heart of All: a gathering (family) of people, who share the same motivation which is to awaken and support the rising of consciousness in ourselves and in the world by applying the Kaula understandings in our life.
Together we create sessions, meetings, retreats and explore the path of Tantra.



Anand worked for 12 years with much contentment in the IT.
All external wealth was there and yet there was a strong call inside to look for the mystery of life. Theatre, music, meditation and bodywork brought her to the Venwoude community. Here she lived and worked (as trainer, masseur and coach) for 9 years and also met Kabir. This call to connect deeper with the mystery of life and the dynamic between man and woman put here on the path of tantra from 2005.
Nowadays she supports your growth and wellbeing through (tantra)massage, cranio sacral sessions, breath work, and organizing events. Her devotion on the path of tantra deepens what is most important to her: To live from love, simplicity and joy. Through here sessions and retreats she happily shares her love and celebration with you.
Anand's website in Dutch:


When you hear a song coming out of a kitchen, you know that Kabir cannot be far away! While working as a freelance chef, he also enjoys nourishing all who come to The BodhiTree events with delicious homemade vegetarian food. In his spare time he often grabs the guitar to enjoy making music.
With many, many years of experience in community living in the Netherlands, India and Nepal, Kabir can certainly advise you on the ups and downs you meet when living together in love and awareness. Osho and Tantra brought more silence into his life. So you will also see him out in the garden for a quiet moment alone with the plants before he will lovingly serve you a nourishing meal again.

Kabir's website in Dutch:

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