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BodhiTree retreat 
A retreat in co-creation with you. To enjoy the abundance of life, each other's company, nature, silence. Being together in simplicity and relaxation. You can share a beautiful workshop, you can offer your gift through some private sessions. Or you simply enjoy what the day will bring. Check the agenda for data of the retreats.

Medicine retreat 

Since 2015 we travel to Peru where we move in the sacred depths of medicine plants with our precious guides Alonso del Río from the Sacred Valley and Cecilla Paniagua from Chavín de Huántar.

Here is a beautiful interview for you with Cecilia & Rául. Check the agenda for data of the retreats.

Individual retreat

Maybe you have specific wishes or desires in the field of meditation or you are facing some issues that deserve a deeper look in a different setting then you are used to. The BodhiTree might be able to support you through an individual retreat. 
Contact Anand how she can support your longing. 


Meditation events 

These (tantra) meetings are beautiful moments of celebration with friends who share the same longing to expand joyfully in consciousness & Love.
They flow from a cup of tea to meditation, laughter, dinner, dance, and singing… to support the expansion of your heart in a playful and loving surrounding.





We are offering different kinds of body oriented sessions, which are influenced by different forms of massage, tantra, bodywork, Cranio sacral therapy, Ito Thermie, meditation and more...
The individual sessions are held in Zeist - The Netherlands. 

Cranio Sacral Alignment session

A powerful, silent session where your body and mind are invited to regain its natural balance.

If you have the desire to experience yourself on a deep level, to let go of what does not serve you and connect with love, freedom and harmony - then this Alignment session is for you.
The session is carried out on a table with clothes on. Different places on the body are touched in deep stillness The touch is an invitation to move towards your original being, it connects you with your life force, your true and infinite potential.


Breath into Bliss 

A breathing session is waking up the full potential of your life force. It wakes up the natural bliss flow in the body. Take a deeper breath and make your cells dance with joy!

Deep breathing helps you to get in contact with your life force, joy and creativity. To experience and heal areas that we normally don’t access so easily. A deep breath can lead to deep cleaning. It might also guide you into the silent depth of existence to ‘that what always is’.
An individual breathing sessions gives you the opportunity to go deeper into a specific issue in a one-to-one setting.



Holistic Massage 

This massage is based on different technics like intuitive massage, ayurvedic technics, pulsing and polarity massage. It is a personal mixture according to what your body longs for.
A Holistic massage is carried out on a table, preferable naked.
Warm biological oil is used to relax even deeper. massage soest    tantra massage soest


Tantra session 

If you read this, then there is a longing to live from bliss, from wholeness, from love, to live in harmony and union with existence…why? Because you ARE bliss, love and whole.

And in your upbringing it is mostly not addressed anymore. You grow up in a world where the mind is more important and you do not learn to connect with your body, with sacredness, with the mystery of life. We learn that life is ‘or this or that’ instead of ‘and, and, and yes also that’.


The entrance to live in union with existence is the place where you live: your body. We get glimpses through sex, through orgasm, there is a moment everything melts and unify. That is why we are so attracted to it, or afraid… How would it be that this inner space is more conscious available in your daily life and that you live your life from that space?

Tantra is a path to connect with consciousness, the union with existence. Over more than 5000 years tantric masters have brought methods to return back to harmony, union, to wholeness.

Tantra asks an ability to look at yourself and to move joyfully beyond everything you know.

1. Individual session for men and women 

The direction of this session is to enrich your consciousness. To relax, open and restore energy in your whole body. And in this way to connect deeper with your natural life flow that allows you to expand levels of feeling, sensation, and energy, and connects you more into the experience of who you really are. 

Meditation, sound, breathing, yoga and a yoni or lingham massage can be part of this session.

The session is carried out on a matras, nakedness can be included in this session.


2. Session for Lovers

Do you have the curiousity for a new form of intimacy, to deepen your togetherness? To be together where you support the qualities of pleasure, love, and awareness in each other? Beyond how it 'should be' and how you have been moving for so long. Beyond, for example, 'friction sex' where one of the two often becomes frustrated or disappointed. Then this session is for you!

You will go back home with a meditation and other techniques that can support you in growing together in love and consciousness in your intimacy and in your daily life.
The session is carried out on a matras, nakedness can be included in this session.


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