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Sacred Medicine Retreat with Alonso 


Date: Januari 18, 15.00 hrs  -  Januari 21, 16.00 hrs. 2024

Location: Netherlands - Friesland

Booking and info: Anand




This retreat is based on the wisdom rooted in the old Andean culture. The ceremonies are guided by Alonso del Río who will introduce you in the mystery of the sacred dimension of Ayahuasca medicine. 
Walking the medicine path offers a deep healing of your roots and a profound understanding of your responsibility to maintain the inner and outer creation in harmony.
Learning directly from masterplants is like being directly under the instruction of a great illuminated maestro; knowledge comes to each of us depending on our capacity to embrace it and without intermediaries.

This journey is a revelator of the mystery of life and death, of existence’s magic and of your own beauty.



After learning the traditional songs of medicine shared by his teacher, Alonso receives his own songs and introduces the use of the guitar in ceremonies, creating a sacred bridge between cultures and creating a new musical genre called Medicine Music.

Alonso's major contribution is to put all the experience and years of learning at the reach of people in the modern world. His ceremonies are conducted within the essence of pure tradition, working with ancestral songs (Icaros), and his own compositions.

The work of Alonso is mainly aimed at the evolution of consciousness, reflected in healing the body and the mind. And by that supporting you to live a more harmonious and blessed life!


His research and experience is captured in (song) books called 'Tawantinsuyo 5.0' and 'The Four Altars' and in several documentaries on sacred plants: Urpillay Sonqollay and The Medicine of Forgiveness.

Alonso made also an astonishing movie. It took him 7 years and it is finally ready to be shared: Los Quatro Altares.
He has published around 14 albums sharing the music he uses in his ceremonies. 
This is a very beautiful interview of Alonso and more about his work you find on his website.

Claudia will also support Alonso and us during the ceremonies. She brings in here delicate and yet strong voice to guide you to places you have never been before!
During the retreat she will also offer us a workshop around opening and using your (singing) voice. 



About Alonso Del Rio

In the Americas, the use of Sacred Plants has been present in most cultures, but the most sacred use of these medicines has always remained hidden, only accessible to those willing to accept a serious and rigorous training. To drink medicine is very sacred and precious and it is important who offers it to you! Alonso has the recognition and permission of old wise medicine men. He is on the path of sacred medicine for more than 40 years. He lived in the Peruvian jungle for 13 years under the guidance of Don Benito Arévalo, one of the most recognized Onaya Shipibo (medicine man), who died in 2005 at age 84.

Important note

It is important that you can 'hold' yourself, meaning you can take in during the ceremony what comes to you, as much your darkness as your light! It is beautiful to work with medicine plants, however the biggest ceremony starts after the retreat by taking responsibility for what you have seen and to incorporate this with respect and gratitude in your daily life.
It can be, but it will not always be an easy process.

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