The BodhiTree Soest


In Soest, in the middle of the Netherlands, you find a four floor house which accommodates The BodhiTree Soest.

The session and music rooms as well as one of the two kitchens are located on the lower level, and offer a view over a big flower full garden. One floor up you find the spacious living room that is often transformed into a meditation room when meetings take place.

The two remaining floors in the house the residents’ have their private rooms.

This BodhiTree offers WildTantra meetings, meditation events, retreats, massages, individual sessions, KabirCuisine Home Restaurant and mantra singing.

Anand and Kabir hosts the 
activities. The BodhiTree Soest is a place to celebrate life, to meditate, be silent and to enjoy music, dancing and delicious vegetarian food…


Address:     Hellingweg 24

3762 CR Soest

The Netherlands





Tel:              +31 (0)  6 11 29 29 59

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