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Remember the Great Mystery

August 10, 10 hrs  -  August 13, 15 hrs 2023

Location: Netherlands - Drenthe

Booking and info: Anand
Interview with Cecilia & Raul


Unfortunately this retreat is cancelled.

With a lot of joy we invite you for this beautiful retreat. In this retreat, you will get in touch with the immense power of the medicine plant Uachuma, together with an introduction into the old wisdom of the Andean people. This will come to you through Cecilia Paniaqua from Peru. 

About Cecilia

The retreat will be guided by Cecilia and her son Raúl, two friends very close to our heart.

We have met them a few years ago in Chavin de Huantar in Peru. In Chavin is a 3000-year-old temple, partly underground and in the dark, which is dedicated to healing and that can reveal to you the knowledge of the universe. 
Cecilia dedicates her life to the old spiritual traditions of her Quechua community and the Andes.
In this way she helps many people to reconnect with life and the life source. 

Cecilia says about herself: 'From Quechua parents and grandparents, with the ritual use of the sacred cactus proper to my tradition, I went through my reflection to the memories of my childhood and, more exactly, to the words used by my parents, and family, who are all farmers. Containing words of vibration, of ancient messages, that allowed me to decipher, together with the cactus and the Chavín temple, the cosmos-experience of the peoples and the ancestral wisdom that still lingers alive in the communities of the valle de Conchucos'.

Raúl supports his mother and us during the ceremonies with his strong and playful presence, his music, laughter and singing. The bright wisdom of Cecilia, Raúl and the cactus creates a field where you can open up to the precious dimension of Remembrance.

Little introduction about Uachuma

The use of the cactus Uachuma, Tzunaq, or Lapitoj goes back around 8000 years in treatments for health and knowledge. The magical ritual use of the sacred cactus is for self-exploration of the being, and in that deep sense, for healing. 

Uachuma is a cactus which grows in the high mountains of Peru. It enters in all the cells of your body waking up a deep deep remembrance to show you who you really are... The Medicine reawakens the forgotten language of love and it teaches you how to bring it into action in your life. It unfolds on a very sensitive and pure level your connection with Nature, with people and with the Great Mystery.

The medicine Cecilia offers us is very precious. She makes it herself by choosing very specific cacti

in the high mountains surrounding Chavin.






Cecilia about Uachuma

'My experience with this wonderful plant leads me to the conclusion that it is not important how good, strong or "sacred" it can be called, the energy of the plant is ENERGY. And as such what it defines, is the use that is given to it and the results you see in people who are really willing, with humility, to let themselves be healed and learn to walk by honoring life with their actions. Only then will we be able to realize when we are falling into the trap of self-deception or only inflate our ego'.   

We open the retreat by asking permission to the land which is hosting us with prayers and offerings and setting our intentions for our journey together.


The Ceremony
The ceremony starts during daytime. We take Uachuma medicine in a small cup, and wait to feel its effects. The vibration of the medicine comes little by little (the ceremony can last for more than 12 hours). We are outside in nature, which is the best place for meditation and introspection. When darkness falls, we continue the ceremony with Grandfather Fire. We offer prayers and songs to the fire and sit silently as well. Outside In the dark it is more easy to connect with the fastness and brightness of the Universe to remember and let Uachuma reflect who you really are!

Important note
It is important that you can 'hold' yourself, meaning you can take in during the ceremony what comes to you, as much your darkness as your light! It is beautiful to work with medicine plants, however the biggest ceremony starts after the retreat by taking responsibility for what you have seen and to incorporate this with respect and gratitude in your daily life. It can be, but it will not always be an easy process.



Cost: € 730 all inclusive
Two day/night long Uachuma ceremonies, delicious vegan food, lodging, yoga,

meditation, singing, dance, sauna....

The sleeping accommodations are

mainly in chambrette style with some

double private spaces. 

There are a few places for campers

or caravans and you can also

bring your tent.



In the most natural & silent province

of Holland, Drenthe.


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