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Meeting with Cecilia & Raul 


When: Two separate events on
             Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 October 

Timing: Tea is ready from 14.00 we start around 14.30 

Location: The Bodhitree, Soest

Cost: € 50,- incl diner

Booking and info: Anand




You are very welcome @ the Bodhitree to meet Cecilia and Raúl. Two very dear friends who we met in Peru…..

…. a few years ago, in Chavin de Huantar. In Chavin is a 3000-year-old temple, partly underground and in the dark, which is dedicated to healing and that can reveal to you the knowledge of the universe. Cecilia offers Uachuma ceremonies in this temple. She dedicates her life to the old spiritual traditions of her Quechua community and the Andes. In this way, she helps many people to reconnect with life and the life source.
Raúl supports his mother during the ceremonies with his strong and playful presence, his music, laughter and singing. The bright wisdom of Cecilia and Raúl creates a field where you can open up to the precious dimension of remembrance.

This event is a beautiful opportunity to get to know these wonderful people or, for those who already know them, to be together again and celebrate our togetherness. Your children are also very welcome!

Timing: tea is ready from 14.00 and we start around 14.30. Cecilia will share her experience, her wisdom and insights about the old spiritual Andean traditions and working with medicine plants. Mediation and prayer will also be part of the afternoon and there will be time for questions as well. Of course, we will enjoy a delicious diner together. In the evening, Raúl will bring songs that stem from the spirituality of the Andes.

Cecilia and Raúl travel to Europe for the first time to offer ceremonies and retreats in Spain, Italie and Holland.
From 24-27 October, there is a Uachuma Medicine Retreat in Zeeland-Holland: ‘Remembering the Great Mystery’ with still some last places available.

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