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Yoni Yoga Gathering for Woman


Start: tea is ready from 10.00, we start at 10.30

End: around 21.00

Costs: € 90,- incl: tea, lunch and diner.

Location: BodhiTree Soest

Booking: Anand or




Dear Sister!

We warmly invite you for the Yoni-Yoga Women’s gathering!


During this meeting, we will exchange a yoni massage in the afternoon.
As a preparation, we offer you a 2- hour YinYoga session in the morning.

Yin Yoga works with the connective tissue (fascia) and the deep inner structures of your body - keeping your joints lubricated and your energy alive. Intense, long held postures will push on your physical body, your emotions and your mind structure. 

It is a simple and meditative yoga form but simple does not mean “easy”.  You especially will learn how to watch the craziness of the mind/emotions which is triggered during the postures. Watching without any judgement and surrounding the intensity of the experience with love is a doorway to self-healing.

Tune in to yourself and align and prepare yourself for the yoni meditation. 
You will be prepared to move deep in your Yoni massage in the afternoon.


In the afternoon we exchange a yoni massage. Through a yoni massage you can explore the depth of your energy and your quality of taping into bliss. To come to this point, you need time to heal your genitals, your emotional body from all kinds of misguiding, trauma, believes, social and religious conditionings. In this way, you gain trust in letting go into deep pleasure and surrender to something bigger than yourself.

The healing is needed to regain the full function of your sex in order to use it for a deeper fulfilling sexual encounter and to use it as an instrument for encountering the divine within you.

We develop a supportive, loving and sacred environment where you can feel safe to open up and explore the intimate play of your body.

This event is for woman who have received a yoni massage before and is facilitated by Amrapali & Anand.

The next day is a WildTantra Meeting at the Bodhitree. If you like to stay overnight in order to participate for this day you are very welcome! € 25,- incl. breakfast.

We (are in) love to be together again!
Amrapali & Anand

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